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May 23, 2007 at 1:53 pm (General)

I have moved my blog to Mohasin. 


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The year gone by

December 16, 2006 at 4:09 am (General)


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September 24, 2006 at 2:56 pm (General)

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Clinical Cases and Images – Blog: Free Biostatistics Lecture Notes from Johns Hopkins

July 21, 2006 at 10:56 am (General)

Clinical Cases and Images – Blog: Free Biostatistics Lecture Notes from Johns Hopkins
he biostatistics course with downloadable lectures is just one of the several courses from OpenCourseWare at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health JHSPH.

Link via The Patients Doctor.

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DailyTech – Asustek Warns on PS3 Shipment Reports

July 21, 2006 at 10:53 am (General)

DailyTech – Asustek Warns on PS3 Shipment Reports
n July 19th, DigiTimes picked up on news that Asustek had commenced shipments of Sony’s PlayStation 3 console. DigiTimes cited Apple Daily and the Commercial Times; both Chinese-language publications. According to those reports, Asustek had begun shipping the units in early July and the beginning allotment was supposed to total 4 million units. According to the report, Foxconn Electronics was also due to lend a hand with PS3 production after Asustek depleted its initial batch of shipments.

Asustek wasn’t too happy about these reports and is threatening legal action against media outlets. From DigiTimes:

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scott adams

July 21, 2006 at 10:39 am (General)

The Dilbert Blog
Dog Catches Car

You know the old joke about the dog that chases cars – “What would he do if he caught one?�? I was reminded of that when I read that Hamas won an election victory. I imagine a room full of Hamas leaders looking at each other behind closed doors and saying, “Oh crap, we won.�?

And I imagine the Israeli leaders sitting around behind closed doors and saying, “It just got a lot easier to find the people we want to kill.�?

I have to think it will be difficult for Hamas to reconcile the whole “destroy Israel�? platform with “We’ll all be at the Parliament building at noon talking about how to do it.�?

I’m writing this on Thursday the 26th. I predict that Hamas will start softening their position by the time you read this. Or maybe they’ll wait a few weeks just to make it seem like they thought about it. But it’ll happen.

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Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: Silicon Valley – why does it work? why can’t others replicate it?

July 14, 2006 at 5:13 pm (General)

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: Silicon Valley – why does it work? why can’t others replicate it?: “Silicon Valley – why does it work? why can’t others replicate it?

Silicon Valley is the epicenter of the universe for technology startups. There is a ‘force field’ of energy there that I haven’t found anywhere else. They have some of the best technology universities in the world. Sand Hill Road is home to the largest venture capital firms. And, they have a pool of startup talent that is unrivaled anywhere. It is a powerful combination.

Boston fits the description well too. Great universities like MIT, Harvard, BC, BU, Northeastern. Top notch VCs like Polaris, Matrix, North Bridge, Highland, General Catalyst, and others. And startup talent from DEC, AltaVista, Lycos, Lotus, PTC, Akamai, Groove, and others.

I have been part of successful startups in Silicon Valley and Boston. There are incredibly bright people, plenty of money, and all the supporting infrastructure in both places. The difference is scale and pace.

Silicon Valley has the highest concentration of ‘Type A’ personalities I have ever seen in my life. They compete at everything…all the time. This competitive atmosphere pushes you beyond what you thought was possible. It inspires innovative thinking that you didn’t think you were capable of. I call it a ‘force field’ of c”

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IBNLive : India 12th richest nation in 2005

July 9, 2006 at 7:21 am (General)

IBNLive : India 12th richest nation in 2005: “ndia 12th richest nation in 2005
Press Trust Of India
Posted Saturday , July 08, 2006 at 23:15
Updated Saturday , July 08, 2006 at 23:54
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Washington: India has emerged as the 12th wealthiest nation in the world with its GDP touching $785.47 billion (Rs 35,34,615 crore) in 2005, calculated by the World Bank.

US was the wealthiest nation with GDP of $12.46 trillion, according to a list of 15 wealthiest countries prepared by the World Bank in terms of their gross domestic product.

The GDP figures have been adjusted to reflect purchasing power.

While India was way down compared to China, positioned fourth with a GDP of $2.23 trillion, it was wealthier than Mexico, Russia and Australia.

The first nine countries had GDP of more than a $1 trillion.

The United States was followed by Japan with $4.51 trillion and Germany $2.78 trillion.

Britain, France and Italy occupied fifth, sixth and seventh ranks with GDP of $2.19 trillion, $2.11 trillion and $1.72 trillion, respectively.

Next came Spain, Canada, Brazil and South Korea with their GDP estimated at $1.124 trillion, $1.115 trillion, $794.10 billion and $787.62 billion, respectively.

There was no African country among the 15 richest nations, while India was the only”

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Google Blogoscoped

June 30, 2006 at 4:19 am (General)

Google Blogoscoped: “Google released the long-rumored Google Checkout (Codename Sierra), a PayPal-like system to shop online without having to re-enter your personal information, and without having to remember different passwords. As opposed to PayPal though, Checkout is not an online bank account to send and receive money… at this time, its just trying to let you buy on shops like Starbucks, Levis, DVD empire or (the list of supported sites lacks some big names like Amazon). Google suggests you look for the shopping cart icon within AdWords on search results… yep, makes sense, they earn for every click on those. (Also see the tour.)

After entering my credit card details into Google Checkout, I tried to use the service on DVD Empire but it didnt work I wasnt offered Google Checkout in the end, but was asked to create a new account or login with an existing DVD Empire one. I tried the service once more with, and as this video demonstrates, while there was a Google Checkout button this time, the whole thing resulted in an error anyway. Not a successful start for this Google service, but perhaps this is just the typical Google launch day syndrome (or theres no support outside the US).

Now, the Google Account is getting more powerful with every new service Google adds. It looks like Google aims to become the software layer”

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Investing principles for building wealth –

June 30, 2006 at 4:10 am (General)

Investing principles for building wealth – “Investing principles for building wealth
By Kathy Kristof |

Stocks are volatile, which is another way of saying theyre likely to experience wide swings in value. However, over long periods of time, theres good reason to believe stocks also will appreciate dramatically faster than any other type of asset. That makes it easier to attain your long-term wealth goals.

When you buy a share of stock, you are buying a piece of the issuing company. Admittedly, its probably a small piece, but that share you purchased gives you the right to participate in the companys wealth (or fiscal decline) and vote on matters of some importancedirectors, company auditors, and some shifts in corporate policy.

In some cases, you are also entitled to dividendspayments of cash or stock to shareholders. Some companies also provide their shareholders with perquisites, such as tickets to the companys theme parks or discounts on its merchandise.

Because companies tend to grow and prosper over timeand because a share of stock allows you to participate in the prosperitystock prices, in the aggregate, tend to appreciate over long periods of time. However, individually, some companies prosper; others fail. If you buy a share in a loser, you could lose all, or a significant portion, of your “

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